Asset Based Financing


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Century provides comprehensive and guaranteed appraisal services throughout North America.

Our clients include public and private corporations, financial institutions, court appointed and privately engaged corporate advisers. These clients rely on our professional appraisers to accurately value assets for the purposes of financing, mergers/acquisitions, insurance, and asset disposal.

Our valuation assignments cover a full range of assets, including machinery and equipment, consumer/industrial inventories, real estate and accounts receivables, to commonly undervalued assets such as customer lists, fixtures and leases.

The Century Guarantee
Clients rely on Century valuations. We will guarantee our Forced Sale Value appraisals with a net minimum guaranteed return, or an outright purchase.

Asset Based Financing

Auctions & Liquidations

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Century’s experts provide tailored recovery strategies through auctions, liquidations and other methods best suited to maximize the asset-to-cash realization for each client.

Century conducts widely advertised Unreserved/Absolute Auctions which ensures maximum attendance and competitive bidding. We continually update our extensive database so motivated potential buyers are notified of upcoming sales.

Century has extensive experience operating Liquidation Sales of products in Retail, Wholesale and Commercial and Industrial settings.

Other Methods of Sale
Century markets less commonly traded assets by employing different sales strategies, which include Tenders, Offers for Sale, and Direct Sales campaigns.

Century will sell assets on a straight commission or fixed fee basis. Alternately, we can provide a net minimum guaranteed return or outright purchase option.

Asset Based Financing

Asset Based Lending

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Century provides financing to North American based companies who require short-term capital where conventional sources may be unavailable. We emphasize swift turnarounds for clients with pressing and immediate needs.

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