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Asset Supported Lending across Canada

Century provides financing to Canadian based companies who require short-term capital where conventional sources are unavailable or aren’t meeting your needs. We emphasize swift turnarounds for clients with pressing and immediate needs.

Bridge / Term loans are available where a company is able to pledge unencumbered or under-encumbered assets. Loans are fixed rate – fixed term, where the Company holds title to the assets.

Key Elements:

  • Alone, or in conjunction with other financing options
  • Loans against Machinery, Equipment, Real Estate and other fixed assets
  • Advances are based on the appraised value of the assets
  • Bridge / Term loans are effective for:
    • Financial Restructurings
    • Company and/or Asset Acquisition
    • DIP proceedings
    • Rapid growth

Century Capital purchases the lender’s security interest in performing and non-performing accounts.

Key Elements:

  • Purchase value of the debt is determined by the appraised value of the assets
  • Fast closing – security registrations and priority already in place
  • Ability to monetize portions of the Company’s assets in a flexible financial structure

DIP (Debtor-in-Possession) financing provides interim funding to companies restructuring within a court sanctioned process.

Key Elements:

  • Court approved borrowing to sustain the Company’s operations
  • Any assets can be pledged to support the DIP loan
  • Provides quick access to capital not otherwise available
  • Exit terms as short as 90 days