Why Century?

  • Century has served the financial and business community for over 40 years and is a trusted and reliable resource.
  • Century offers the broadest range of skills and solutions to businesses in distress or who are managing growth or transitions including: financing, appraisals, partial or full dispersals, liquidations, bankruptcies or receiverships.
  • Century gives our receivership/bankruptcy trustee and advisor clients a complete and full set of services to help manage every aspect of a business failure.
  • Century runs very effective liquidation and consignment auctions across Canada to help businesses buy and sell surplus assets in a respected and reliable environment built on integrity.
  • Century has a team of experienced management professionals that can come alongside a company to help solve business challenges of any nature as a part of the funding and transition activities.
  • Century can fund debt (including DIP), and in extraordinary circumstances equity, or quasi-equity structures that solves business problems.
  • Century can enhance value recovery through participation in stalking-horse processes as an example during liquidation processes.

What We Do


Our clients rely on Century’s appraisers to accurately value assets for financing, mergers/acquisitions and insurance.

Auctions & Liquidations

Century’s experts provide recovery strategies through auctions, liquidations, and other methods best suited to monetize assets.

Capital & Lending

Century provides financial solutions to Canadian-based firms requiring
short-term capital where conventional sources are unavailable.
We emphasize swift turnarounds.

Management Services

Century provides management services to companies requiring assistance in times of financial challenge.