Asset-Supported Lending and Specialty Financing

Century provides financing to Canadian-based companies requiring short-term, and sometimes long-term, capital where conventional sources are unavailable or are not meeting the company’s needs. We emphasize swift turnarounds for clients with pressing and immediate needs.

Bridge & Term loans are available where a company is able to pledge unencumbered or under-encumbered assets. Loans are fixed rate – fixed term, where the Company holds title to the assets.

Key Elements:

  • Alone, or in conjunction with other financing options
  • Loans against Machinery, Equipment, Real Estate and other fixed assets
  • Advances are based on the appraised value of the assets
  • $2 Million to $20 Million Bridge / Term loans are effective for:
    • Financial restructurings
    • Company and asset acquisition
    • DIP proceedings
    • Rapid growth

Century Capital purchases the lender’s security interest in performing and non-performing accounts.

Key Elements:

  • Purchase value of the debt is determined by the appraised value of the assets
  • Fast closing – security registrations and priority already in place
  • Ability to monetize portions of the Company’s assets in a flexible financial structure

DIP (Debtor-in-Possession) financing provides interim funding to companies restructuring within a court sanctioned process.

Key Elements:

  • Court approved borrowing to sustain the Company’s operations
  • Any assets can be pledged to support the DIP loan
  • Provides quick access to capital not otherwise available
  • Exit terms as short as 90 days

Mezzanine debt is generally a subordinated or preferred equity instrument and senior only to the common equity. Mezzanine debt may include warrants or have conversion features that could trigger conversion to equity under certain circumstances. Mezzanine debt should be viewed as another tool a company can use to exploit opportunities.

Century Services will consider participation as an equity investor in a business. In these situations, Century’s diverse management capabilities combined with current leadership will work together closely to maximize chances of success. Century’s leadership team has specific experience in managing turn-arounds, driving strategic shifts, creating effective marketing and sales strategies, reducing costs, leadership development, and deploying quality systems. Each business has its own very specific requirements and Century can assist in making sure the focus is on the essential elements to drive desired results.


Letter to the President,

I just wanted to convey to you that your company is filled with excellent people.

Our story from restructuring back to conventional banking in 3 years went unbelievably well in part to Century Capital and your team.

From the original term sheet, appraisal and funding I must say your people deliver superior performance. This week, we have concluded a deal to move us back to conventional banking.

Once again, Thank you on behalf of the management team.


President, Canadian extruder and exporter of vinyl products.